xQc Reacts to VIDEO GAME Maps Measurement Comparison | Congress Was as soon as At a loss for words by the Internet

however if there could be a sea circulate neatly thank you loads for the EU circulate 99.9% papal xqc Diaries online sport bat size comparison 2018 this man : what was the result Assassin’s outlandish clay mr. Rex how are you this day you mostly set a request to us sudden extreme image a feels ample man point underscored factual Nermin 496 please test my reddit put up and don’t omit to read the final section existence is feudal they’re no longer that’s we by no system seen this before fallout 4 10 kilometers square Vice City all these shifting earnings Meno you’re solid I deem minecraft visitors the Matt love you excuse Ian chat excuse Yale what a sniper inch for a thrill a is such a dumb name destroyers kreygasm laughs yeah that was a spacious as a pusher Paulie Sheldon as a supporter I adore you helped me with being lost in loss and struggling existence is one thing potentially in most cases unbelievable on the other hand it’s you who helps it enhance and I adore your assorted day blood on oblivion is that their Binion holy shit there a ways shout 3 [Music] that’s fuckin huge dinner what about Supreme Cause [Music] ‘we spoted that big sport I don’t deem so Jesus 80 kilometers why chat is misspelled it doesn’t veil or Virginia’s what is starting up estat is it no longer origins GTA v 81 commoner is commonly Sheldon [Music] and dirty which would be three [Music] damn did Superman that that doesn’t if truth be told depend though did water maps did feels weird man and W I don’t know that’s Xenoblade Chronicles I nearly sold that for existence if I will aircraft roam what is that that big chat what if it is that Bernal / at the Paradise Huge name Wars Galaxies [Music] there’s no fucking system did I knew that simply home off we’ll be bigger I knew it holy shit here comes a Sean’s : some frail bugger by no system loaded what’s the corona Supreme Cause for Guild Wars system what Daggerfall [Music] such a mode to Dane did chat annulments no one’s kept on awaited I deem I deem I deem it’s a inequity if I the system to fabricate the largest scheme with plenty of articulate that fabricate sense I’d secret agent the finest for 2020 dumb excuse am actually ample I know you’re gonna ignore me however I akin to you and I simply want you to deem about can I gain a welcome to the jungle please heart ample dude what is that you want this if I transfer from here and inch over there and sit with my Democrat visitors that can fabricate them loyal worried does Google tune my sprint Google by design of this phone know that I if truth be told cling moved here and moved over to the left no longer by default there’ll seemingly be a Google carrier which you’ve opted in to make utilize of so Google is aware of that I am shifting over there it’s no longer a trick request you realize you fabricate a hundred million dollars a one year it’s good to well well cling to restful be ready to answer to that request does Google know by design of this phone that I am shifting over there and sitting subsequent to mr. Johnson it’s simply test test and past ample ample however aren’t these hearings adore they simply bring them there for adore a terribly instant quantity of instances and then however they simply bump bottom with questions that imply fucking nothing and this simply has no strength simply is entirely useless however they have to contemporary up can’t snort yes or no without sparkling extra little print yes or no I genuinely don’t know we’re talking I deem Google obviously does would you resolve to permit an honest entity to secret agent your search outcomes for political bias I know you’ve cling contributors discovering out that now however you appointed them would you enables and third-occasion honest launch air abominable to secret agent your search outcomes and cooperate with them to search out out wouldn’t be system extra abominable than if any Tobias this day there had been honest third-occasion review searching at search outcomes the economists however you selected these third events I’m talking about somebody if truth be told honest we didn’t spend these events I imply they carried out these review even as you happen to google the discover fool below images the image of dong swamped comes up I simply did that for any time you form in a key phrase now we cling crawled we’ve gone out and crawled and stowed billion copies of billions of their pages in our index we support potentially the most indispensable phrase and match it in opposition to internet sites and immoral them per over 200 indicators issues adore relevance freshness recognition how assorted folk are the utilize of it and per that you realize at any given time we try to immoral and web the finest outcomes for that request and then now we cling in tips them at external readers to make obvious yes and so they evaluated the target guidelines try it and that’s how we be obvious the route of is neatly it’s no longer some little man sitting unhurried the scenes identify yeah yeah we’re going to contemporary the user it’s in most cases a compilation of what customers are generating and making an try to sort by design of that records we don’t you realize manually intervene on any particular voters cling a seven-one year-frail granddaughter who picked up her phone before the election and she or he’s taking part in a piece sport originate of sport a piece one would play and up on their pops a image of her grandfather I’m no longer gonna snort into the sage what the originate of language was historical spherical that image of her grandfather however I’d set a request to you ways does that contemporary up on a seven-one year-olds iPhone who’s taking part in a adolescents sport I’m an iPhone it’s made by a assorted firm and so you realize it’s simply it was a hand-me-down of some form additionally to my records sanctioned any employee or any form for manipulating the search outcomes in anyway is that the case it’s no longer that it’s good to well well additionally deem of for an particular person employee or groups of workers to govern our now we cling a sturdy framework in and my time is up let me simply snort I disagree I deem folk can manipulate the route of it is a human route of at his face Thank You mr. chairman you’re serve cling you considered having a internet college that contributors could well well inch to with a Google get it’s good to well well originate of login and gonna set a request to questions or cling Google and and no longer adore Comcast the set you gain set on take care of for 30 minutes and then web somebody who it’s good to well well additionally’t understand what the fuck guys ample guys here’s adore a belief ample I deem somebody in a declare of strength have to cling at the least a piece bit quick coaching I I if truth be told feel like it can well restful be indispensable for folks in Congress on the other hand Oreo that that that fabricate tips and rules of to at the least understand the basics of issues is it is that too unreasonable you potentially did this I don’t look this here’s originate of upsetting he’s marine recruits are being exposed to seus gasoline extra in most cases identified as teargas to ride its outcomes and to take cling of neatly utilize a gasoline camouflage gasoline chambers indispensable because it builds self assurance self assurance in the gear juice ma’am here at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Parris Island South Carolina this gasoline chamber is historical to prepare recruits in CB or in defense CBR I’ve seen some girl they produce dialogical radioactive or nuclear we weren’t allowed to movie at some point soon of the gasoline chamber could well well wish us however the recruit depot equipped this footage of what it’s if truth be told adore internal as soon as at some point soon of the teacher burned CS tablets which creates the gasoline its outcomes are snappy felt recruits utilize their fingers to interrupt the seal of the camouflage letting the gasoline CP if truth be told feel adore the air is attacking however even as you happen to achieve simply originate of web yourself into that moment relaxed and apply every thing that the instructors had been telling you realize why the recruits produce a diversity of bodily exercises to gain a greater if truth be told feel for the system the camouflage works right by design of exposure after spherical 5 minutes the recruits flee out of the gasoline chamber painful outcomes of the gasoline can final for 10 to 20 extra minutes the outcomes can comprise it tents burning felt in the eyes throat and on the pores and skin juice apart from a discharge of mucus Paul I reveal ample ample test out these the article I adore factual links in what the fuck is that’s elevate a frosty the complete person’s fuck it now there’s all him anyway nine months beaucoup additionally no kravid xqc digit erectus Jack other than yours Pepe ler let’s look what is that yah your clap world sage potentially the most easy thing we can’t manage to pay for is in action the American folk deserve our very finest and to permit them to cling it because the president will discuss in further detail in the days ahead america dwelling force will seemingly be obvious our well-known person spirit akin to you’re no longer a virgin we Adam additionally elevate you because you American beliefs into the boundless expanse of dwelling here’s even while assorted nations extra and further agree with the most likely to purpose in dwelling no longer all of them fragment our commitment to freedom that what internal most property neatly the direct however tune of their speeches did it makes it somebody much extra in strength as we proceed to raise American sheep in dwelling so additionally will we elevate The United States’s commitment probability to freed of time into this contemporary Frank before the city so what why does that 10-minute views

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