Telugu TechNews 629: Realme Narzo 10 Teased, Moto G8 Energy Lite Mark, Redmi K30 Legit Launching

hi Prince Naveen Nani Prabhakar MS moral not ecologic channel chums get new steps 3629 key beneath keys quality heroes get most up-to-date model Beethoven attain you’ve a la medianoche cetacaine noe Mohammed is any individual de la vaca video moral posted a sonic on a situation amount of T rankings and Giavotella Monica medicine they set apart us in there adore a mano he locked down until the car man oniy NJ I’m going away it on in tomato juice ethically now butyrate adjoining topic so Kayla we don’t notification we are in a position to append a Vitamix or dependent magnificent playing cards miniature costume on you so I’ll omit took place shorter gal develop in calico HIV reckon the ninokuni comments known as on the threshold at the same time as you on the facet street sir cope observation now Coco previous this day 10 which in indepent a model or captain on paternal total phone then Ted so he’ll Chester Cape John Tucker few and you pay co-worker more cost effective equal to squint a patrol striking in youngsters in junta curfew on the card and a page model a to level to let me know so belief a credo coupon queer when I got race youngsters protect each and every gradual and shut to a pacer in deficit and former system to attain adore at Southern Daniel TSP telegin GPC so my the tunnels muchos not quite of expose it all any other time a every day paper low desk omarama to nook so genetic Arturo’s including one dolly a karakia lahmacun NJ typically I’ll choose a perch if indispensable MonaVie fully attain so toughen danke our IT engineer could possibly possibly additionally set apart on a Paris licensed favorable I’m sorry I don’t Java and italic personalized so within the enter column on to the neck already Toledo so I then in a video later mato Entebbe over in chendo you achieve on that wretchedness low pro boot OHS circuits Alec a event in NL it’s couldn’t lag to Chapel and set apart over south swell pemain a cardinal in Joppa – so miru jogger expose a condom le other video facet street restrict intimate room model in calc darn when lowering and annihilated his container topic pre-boot properly which a selkie so our wretchedness and a demonic a video show coke or the video show ith lined in trigger I’m an angel and a Prabhu to Altos Sarkar and chalet apres he edited Mohammed and OD choose up protect watch over J little of the controller set apart stylo a new moon in cinema on madam well-known lacks no madam heap reporter boot while the gun eros in a Polish properly the allegheny beneath dash advert are they so villa chaser cave I’m spirited of motion Toronto Contemporary England by to educate I promote oscillator effective certainly a stone Oh God so yeah that a Mohammedan him wheel in Turku some extra adore a effective and youngsters became as soon as my money he homes chaser and Acadian for circle lockdown and JP Sevilla Kucha mahogany so in kata Cardoso Mira Andrew na martini ill by myself a day at some point soon oh boy a rattling Leah attain rational by native Prabhu Twila to highschool metropolis the following day so I’ll I’m going sir commander key facts are definite higher lag expose Karen asam on Lou Allegro circuit miserable guy seek adore a medication salmon Jimmy shop so that you wait a Minu there’s contented to head whooping anti e so in model staunch through and GP patrol pincher and not stroll erosion gypped any petrosal Santa Nell rule get the salmon Lou Kamisama Luke inshallah Mandy consist of the petitioner compat Rosalind you pulled a a La Colonia Padilla and the explain a total awe cocoon the bipod cannot lag so mercurial to staunch through and JP path adore a to schooner ooh so Danny melamine adore a total caliber youngsters wasn’t seek patrol eighty pincher Danny so Charla medica aged Madrid solid on a Monday till this day a Davalloo analyst dash known as on Matt I set apart point out of protect for the situational other countries the assign a nation’s legislation already mohammadi toboggan charges manatee took place of all attain videos TC what scepter tic TOCs or an absence set apart a swash of a flat for equal to circa column and the posters lag and a whereby you train and I said I’m on an edge known as Matt Amano algae isn’t as much as me shakin in Japan beneath morbid could possibly possibly knock on no Lander so a carto compiled moral conscious not to get observation analysis all otaku remarkable form read Mohammad Suleman so he prayed in a the following day shut to Mullen take a look at by myself so day JC total Miravalle my educate al ahmar candy so including wished solid denotes aluminum Samuel and and nationally to gigolo so it’s ways adore a desk pattern so remarkable which blueprint order Maliki Mohammed Amin Chickoo Chickoo tech details a day at some point soon so Delino juice condemn any koala and uber uber to scrap a so we let Chester key caps at we shinobi tonight a more in-depth Wolowitz a circuit a kitchen etiquette in Toulouse Tandy so that it’s possible you’ll per chance possibly ml ml a cockroach a circular service in quality part search engine advertising cosmetic chemist mean reach on you Telangana to screw over and voila he companies metallic blue chaser a automobile police department Korea it became as soon as a topic tuvalu ureter would me the route on taro so we el coche sirki prison cases for a pair time when GPC we later Chuck Traynor matazo Mira Cugat rule meter sign and enclose each and every now Michela out the selected circle even O’Connell and LT influential cop Arseny in actual fact model our right here items pronouncing it on pair it’s lowering Miley into coach a1gp civility of the following day so yeah well righteous cease it co-enormous name circle entire Utica 3020 draw Cali attain any Monica stall Cardinal etiquette on the market on the web God so Prabhu to algorithm precisely Nikolai Ivanovich SpaceX gape the particular person I desire a Pagani Martha well-known guto JD and hire a Tesla regardless of so will a circuit electronic quake hear ATT Scott Soller ooh so after which gape which order many key Ellen Moscow sought one other circuit victor seek at we get quite to attain so Tanisha pay the Entente set apart a circle in a wretchedness legislation ventilator cited chala also rotate so mean witches are protect ventilators me the work at is moral nouns dawdle or Rosa blow Whitaker one DVD quality nadie wonder ventilate resonate a I would sprint moral identified Attica Ln masquerade Egypt nor attain so remarkable in him in these nook and your valleys because I adore a mannequin MTNL quality to highschool achieve broadband companies so web service narrator you moral are availa coach a circuit double their top and adjusting the assemble from the Chalam and the Illinois it gained’t Onarga however this can approve the pork or token Dante will attain chaser key by T Callicoon al by myself and a mobile or Daniel Attah wallah a laptop organic records usage séow so records carbonate or no core than UPC village circuit double the Eternity he set apart a wall customers cannot fetch it to loosen the indica Monica a device to OTT platform so slim and a arduous start and it flicks a high video so that you to be adore a widow TT platform so now I’ll moral suck on the market video quality and if I fetch you not to fetch utils my mom didn’t elevate no sir Kimo hamare so that it’s possible you’ll per chance possibly I said Cupid’s alemannic a time pass out on key you higher vote et platform slope you dose native Kouga survey us not exhaust a meal or circus are what’s made a picot 3 Pardo mala our protect buffering lap on that cell saga videos and it wasn’t in actual fact video quality is night a designate it’s not Gaeta to loosen these be they a cobbler which is our key proof Fb can attain sacrum we can seek at your self in Villa video quality nad decrease chestnut bear lag to targets not fetch it to listener mata beneath protect referring Liam you don’t and each and every number also change into adore Monica Italy and France will moral bear set apart Amazon while a shipment and a quick-term got hand over moral nor does desire a wait a non-a may want to bear merchandise from expose Vito circuit quick-term Guy TV Lou hand over dash nettles want Monica produced Monday Anita can I submit I adore reside abide within the Italy made a regardless of so occur a ratio cha adore oh lag on date the three shows on properly Chester kV Lou he’ll aunty choices discontinuity so tryna moral wanna Monica Fitbit new Fitbit model three key successors model state drinking any individual chi you well-known situation them on a bed survey me attain a obvious a KFC gape later sparked a choose up video games they’re going to protect cannot it within the Torre de couleur items the about nor dark adore a rosewood Daniel within the coloration dwelling Abu Tarek of fetch Paragon oh I adore a seek wiser than the to Scott potential Scotsman katana model three witnessed a profession acting a tune though into used their remark because I reckon mr. Knight so attempting new to screwed The us Sampson Monty’s samsung galaxy is 71 5gb return topic potential not too lengthy ago a 71 metallic start is a nil what does one thing like a link Oh fight you very tremendous it’s Robert mnemonic mnemonic mobile is Circle K 3 C seek what it’s spotted in D so if producer account for key protein are the consumption of we want specification listing it a biogenic are to highschool to mobile home and came assist said editor well-known digicam on the 64 megapixel French digicam punch Waldo my cat 12 megabits of the rabo to the single American machine to 4370 MH assist to the 25 watt for charging enhance wait a you mobile it’s Robert Nadia mobile no man a direction of known as a wheelie not too lengthy ago launches my ex is conscious of nine eight zero you okapi deviated from the mobile processor and I’m Adam why don’t you achieve into the manic a mid-vary staunch during the row you direction of of Rochester key mobile native will articulate her about on our route because adore I’m Anika Samsung Galaxy M 21 new mobile sales and heroes ninja taste are minute so in model whose kinetic demonic a 4 GB 64gb we’re into sir keypad amore Bella Nalanda la tombe tone tumble island a a D’Amico ill GB 128 GB variant phrasal circuit by the element automate them tumble lol chilly in model it on the center to promote Kimiko Amazon low 5 hundred rupees to more cost effective model moral elevation Armitage either a circuit is convict females LMFAO to work well righteous a Wonderbolt fully so me Reverend I’m a Belconnen I’m gonna get one OG mobile its section channel a unboxing a delayed while later pump state puzzles loading however a circuit profession sage are certainly point out a wretchedness log Anika to skintight a so immobile I wish to get final time you will gape Scott’s show a younger 30 lag almost straight away these self same in two min so that you can add a specification saturated moral to fetch staunch into a circuit prenta digicam 20 megapixel 3000 a you seek at distinction merchandise it within the hump govern Institute Tranio Juice Crew mnemonic start and she or he will submit some engine okok automobile a pollutant I adore this section India mannequin amidst gargantuan stress for your mobile accessory cable PO 812 REM don’t alternate apathy to not too lengthy ago you mobile prove i moral–can a 6.5 inches to fillet to change a Substantial AMOLED prove to in prove fingerprint so immobile it’s a robot nedra storage moral couldn’t a 128 you very uncommon Rams moral fabricate GB this day your mobile assign of their mantra they said cameras became as soon as set apart in all digicam said they’re gonna omit name in digicam which is sirki 12 I got it so secondary digicam it megapixel mingled into digicam like circuit two megapixel night they’re going to employ your bottom arrow 20 cameras at 8 megapixel Danae and or 10 to OtterBox webOS within the bat it became as soon as 4880 MH cross teeth or sandy in lacrosse hire and Italy the got a 2 gigahertz for us and I like we Luce each and every no rule we adore a processor which is conscious of it hear together kakuta however approximate is a surprise to splitter lag to you Coogan in this day so attempting you screamin horn and OG hør not play 9 yayyy mobile lose any individual it’s not specification so adore a render photos they system to head to new mobile prove juice craze magnify 3 inches o HD player IPS LCD prove though you mobile it Revati within the storage whose predominant 64 and 128gb on to the RAM moral 24 jeep and the device you spent a mediator Kop 35e processor by blueprint of mobile the about one other they said cameras to speed a twin cameras at Apple within the principle digicam 13 megapixel secondary digicam 2 mega French digicam it megapix from this day 5000mah battery 210 watt will model enhance into charging enhance immobilizer Maliki’s assign within the water so that you mobile search Mariupol it’s co-enormous name indelicacy presented to spoon as its wretchedness became as soon as steadily set apart a pre horn are low in mobile dwelling file – so triangle moral condemn any case expose me expose me which a circuit dilly and the Punjab low below all the pieces 95 masculine Iovino chaser key donate moral not get a hotfoot gradual freaking donate moral medicated samachar me to nanometer so miniature one Malachy Nina expose intending to munch even flip on also so kacha tanka expose minute I cherish jelly yeah adore a expose me your chest circuit vapor we Luo can olive merchandise miniature lunch about Nora this day in Rochester account for key into mu nu Tilson they could possibly possibly fetch inflamed cherubim albuterol Neb eluded me kate that tip pronate that is robot Neruda antonio seroquel oka Gym version core attitudes about Naru weaken the following day extra merchandise and it’s rebuttal and rotor circuit air purifier and multi-encoder Chesser miniature one admit even whatever seek these robots not system you hear the morrow contact a selectman aqui laptop laptop Oh Baloo read omit it’s gradual protein in chess laptops entities Cassandra situation the depreciation a village turkey MB rays onto it it’s about not getting some attention they be much less turkey Yelper netted his coach Jurgen admit he omit shut to adore he set apart work in laptops knitted money India seek at with out notify attain you assist even watch coaster and trolley because I fetch it min node name sae mo by no sir key heroes it a line chilly however he set apart one into scenter reside event or even a Lanchester no want for work later naaku then in some mention new situation the cannibal a dude a purchaser kim i newsnet Amano veil Chad on that one you cry Monica be born elevate out evolve e90 new mobile no silky in LA I wrote I reckon I’m an Indian girl lunch le beak I’m on some extent out wretchedness and the Tuscon expose Dante train when guy Tenley attain so beneath a latina Molly will submit Valdez netiquette we choose April Mura tarkna mobile and launching a obvious gist not gated to loosen date attempting to cowl a marquee right meaning G right me not so serious survey a circuit into mobis entities are about within the 10 and a 10 yr gap is metals within the got a processor came y doce – Wacha China poster night ed teachers all staunch through Turkey mobile monkey over tea fetch together 8 megapixel digicam this day rabbit lower Nia adore a mobile summation molecular postulate a in case your decimal is choose up invite The us mobile right here at know what about tonight a beefy Claire teto’s shut to already armed forces mobile records into mu nu bar mallow lunches wished a right me 6 I undo Adia mobility Urich observation e in other cities gradual 80s robot the following day it’s possible you’ll per chance possibly also I fetch right me the 3a Ligurian me three I didn’t attain mobile faculty circuit draw Rollo did they moral not EU change blueprint amigo Wi-Fi calling just already it would enable a fully made with Geo they typically’ll expose you to fetch segments of Wi-Fi calling just eight fully so that you don’t are conscious of it’s a obvious me protect blue the enemy 300 me three a key enhance on the GSA change going to armed forces faculty night a you gotta dawdle you moral set apart a mannequin poco a poco x2 you mobile circuit will you start sale good adequate that is cultured media what any mobile Kanu quali and set apart them on channel or second boxing I adore a beefy evaluate 81 night so I mean I protect going to me the mobile kook properly within the cuckoo chick a final protect well righteous American water London T motorola g8 energy light to your mobile some mention a model that adore a specification situation a desk any animator you mobile prove moral enormous 6.5 inches so HD Plus so IPS LCD prove 30 mobile Robert certainly within the storage became as soon as play 64 GB RAM moral gonna 4G no doubt one of many device moral going to could possibly possibly get a Leo p35 approx you chestnut price said monkey through be digicam said I set apart for the time being the 16 megapixel secondary digicam 8 megapixel extensive-perspective sons of blueprint digicam 2 megapixel early the makers and served in a friendiy digicam which is sirki 8 megapixel Hyundai and or 10 to outer-field service within the bed is moral no doubt one of 5 thousand image battery to a mobile native we seek to our rotis Robertson are doing protect mobile model moral gonna get a loop at milrinone the Libero poly mobile prices the higher our model all any other time informal explain a mobile specification ski a model match though you mobile specifications however Amana to highschool at it a um the properly Raffaelli mobile cater co2 butter circa will model it a Equator scenario so interference and Aikido is engrossing and which in techno train grooming subsequent within the community they’re adore JC Cheryl are you to blow my channel is subscribe you however the Kinnaman track adore arduous with me so then possibly dash is subscribe you girl Ptolemy salons and the element ik within the observation field legislation you’ve got thank you for looking at Jane

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