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The Xbox One S All Digital Edition is the first discless Xbox.
The (currently) more cost effective Xbox One S on Amazon:
Our teardown of the original Xbox One S:

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– Hey guys, that is Austin.
Or now no longer it is always an exhilarating
day when our guests
at Microsoft drop off a designate contemporary console
and this, well that is a
a technically all contemporary console.
This is the Xbox One
S All Digital model.
Sadly they didn’t inch in conjunction with
my title of the Xbox 1D
however as you might per chance presumably explore right here,
this Xbox has precisely
zero disc drives of any kind.
Or now no longer it is surely all the plan in which by the
box, I imply, they be pleased it,
disc-free gaming, they
be pleased a exiguous bit icon right here.
I imply, even must you inch
to initiate it up there is a
share of tape announcing disc-free sport play,
aka please build now no longer retract this
and return it to the retailer
must you know that you simply
can’t do your discs in it.
Now with out a disc drive you
can’t enact any bodily games
on the Xbox One S.
It is advisable to to well per chance presumably be going to want to
rely on downloading them
which to be magnificent I mediate a
lot of people enact lately.
I do know ever on fable of the Xbox
One and the PS4 came out,
I rather powerful entirely
switched over to procuring
them digitally.
Now there became the PSP Shuffle,
what, ten years ago now?
Which became a the same idea
however that became a exiguous bit bit
too a ways sooner than it be time.
I mediate lately loads
extra people have an interest
within the theorem of just
downloading your games.
Or now no longer it is powerful more straightforward to inch
across heaps of platforms
and critically many of the
games lately on Xbox
furthermore enact work on the
Home windows PC aspect of issues
as long as you build now no longer mind
going by the, uh,
I build now no longer want to claim games for Home windows.
The Microsoft Store?
What enact they name it?
And I surely will
mention that even supposing
this clearly appears to be like to be like very,
very the same to the One S,
it is no longer replacing it within the road.
You are going to continue to be in a neighborhood
to lift the One S, the One X,
and likewise you’re going to furthermore be pleased
the One S Digital Edition.
All Digital Edition.
Effectively, the very first thing
I will leer, Its lighter
which I train is perfect that there’s no longer always
an Ultra HD blu-ray participant interior.
And right here is the console itself.
Now it appears to be like to be like very the same,
except it [Laughing]
It appears to be like to be like so unfamiliar.
Treasure, it be just, it be
the explicit same thing.
Truly, let me surely retract a One S.
I imply, if you happen to do these two aspect by aspect
it is fully the same taking a scrutinize.
So I imply the final vents
are the the same on the aspect,
you might per chance presumably be pleased the the same top
vent, I imply there’s in level of truth
no distinction in any plan
except that they only
modified out that share of plastic right here.
Now one perk to procuring
the all digital model is
that you simply in level of truth receive some
rather first price included games.
So there is a copy of Forza Horizon 3,
now we be pleased got Sea of Thieves and
we furthermore be pleased Minecraft.
Now that is all broad, however
the One S All Digital Edition
does now no longer exist in a vacuum
on fable of it is being offered
alongside the One S, it
has to compete with that.
So the precise divulge right here is designate.
The all digital edition
costs 250 bucks MSRP
which sounds good brooding about
that that is 50 bucks less
than the original model of the One S.
Nevertheless, it does now no longer purchase powerful
procuring to search out heaps of
One S’s well below that on Amazon.
Let’s consider, there’s one
that is 220, even 230 with
a sport that is presold like
Battlefield 1 included.
That, that is a exiguous bit little bit of an downside.
Incidentally, if you happen to put off to be pleased these sport codes,
feel free to inch for it,
even supposing you greater be mercurial.
When you happen to can retract a One S for
the the same designate or more cost effective than
the all digital model, then enact it.
I imply it be actually the
staunch same thing except
it has an extremely HD blu-ray drive.
Now there’s heaps of people
I mediate which is ready to be
very satisfied to make exercise of the all
digital model, factual?
I imply, if you happen to would perhaps per chance be now no longer the utilization of
discs, if you happen to would perhaps per chance be now no longer watching
blu-rays and stuff then
there in level of truth is no advantage
to having that further 50
greenback disc drive included.
However the associated rate is in level of truth
where it comes down, factual?
I imply, if you happen to build now no longer receive
this at a more cost effective designate
than the One S, it is a
fully ridiculous thing
to ever lift.
So if you happen to would perhaps per chance be procuring an Xbox One this present day,
these are your three alternatives.
So starting out with a
250 greenback designate designate is
the Xbox One S All Digital.
Now such as with the One S,
which is available in at 300 bucks,
it does strengthen 4k video
even supposing the gaming aspect
of issues is with out a doubt a
exiguous extra on the 1080p aspect
of the resolution, however
besides the blu-ray drive
which is indubitably lacking
on the all digital model,
these are fully the same.
Ports, vitality, performance,
all that roughly stuff.
Now, if you happen to step up over
to the Xbox One X, it furthermore
does be pleased the extremely HD
blu-ray drive, 4k strengthen
and all that roughly thing,
however the most critical distinction right here
is that that is an impressive
extra extremely efficient console.
One X is ready to play most
games at a extremely easy 4k
and critically with games
equivalent to Purple Useless Redemption,
must you do these consoles aspect by aspect,
the One X appears to be like to be like so, so critically greater.
But, nonetheless it be like
double the associated rate, so.
So from what I’ve been
urged, the internals of the
all digital model are
in actuality the such as the One S,
mostly to abet costs down.
But that does now no longer imply that
I build now no longer want to surely
explore this for myself.
Now you might per chance furthermore clutch a video
we did when the One S
first came out where we took
a exiguous bit gaze on the interior.
Now, I am assuming it will furthermore silent be
a rather the same experience.
Oh wow, its so imbalanced.
Treasure any of the burden is
with out a doubt right here, like this
That’s got to be hollow.
So after taking out our
warranty’s void sticker and
working out this exiguous
plastic share on bottom,
we would perhaps per chance furthermore silent be in a neighborhood to receive it out.
There we inch.
The the same share that I got like
freaked out about closing time.
There we inch.
So after spicy a bunch of
screws, I mediate the case
would perhaps per chance furthermore silent just approach away now.
Okay, alright.
So as that is sufficient pieces
of Xbox for finally.
Effectively I train, that is the first distinction.
There’s clearly a contemporary
metal share right here to veil up
where the disc drive outdated to be.
Something tells me Microsoft,
they didn’t desire you
to be taking a scrutinize at this.
Treasure, no, no, no.
We’re, uh, we’re now no longer hiding the leisure right here.
Alright, now with that,
yep, good sufficient.
Effectively that
I ponder where the disc drive outdated to be?
Simply a exiguous bit bracket right here
and that’s the reason actually it.
So we silent explore the the same
one terabyte arduous drive
from sooner than.
You be pleased the interior vitality
offer as well to the fan.
But where there outdated to be a disc drive,
no disc drive.
So now we be pleased got fan #1,
vitality offer amount three,
arduous drive amount four,
and disc drive amount two.
Um, yeah.
So that it’s good to well be magnificent I build now no longer surely want to be
that imply on Microsoft.
There now no longer making an try to veil what
they’re doing right here the least bit.
It’s miles a One S that they
eradicated the disc drive for,
and in explain that they’ve in actuality
passed that financial savings on to you.
Now certain, would I surely be pleased
most licensed to be pleased seen a
heaps of kind divulge?
I imply, with this roughly
empty space they’ll furthermore be pleased
with ease made this
one thing, , even supposing
you just rotate the arduous
drive, I imply, it would’ve been
at least a exiguous bit bit smaller.
But realistically, I imply,
what they’re doing right here is now no longer
making an try to build the smallest Xbox they’ll.
What they’re making an try to enact is
build the cheapest one seemingly.
When you happen to be pleased that
by taking out that Ultra HD
blu-ray drive and likewise you might per chance be losing
50 bucks from the associated rate,
that roughly provides up, I imply,
they’re rather powerful just
passing it factual on to you.
Attention-grabbing, so there is an
further SATA port right here on the
board, which is perfect
on fable of they didn’t commerce it.
I ponder if you happen to would perhaps per chance install
your have blu-ray drive?
I imply, theoretically, I
would mediate it would work.
Oh, you might per chance try to
install one other arduous drive.
I imply, there’s with out a doubt room for it.
It is advisable to to well per chance presumably must approach up
with your have mount however,
theoretically, I imply,
with that SATA port.
But, enact what, enact you
mediate that is de facto gonna
acknowledge a 2nd interior arduous drive?
I build now no longer mediate this can.
Okay, so surely I build now no longer
mediate a 2nd arduous drive
will work.
So that you simply enact be pleased the SATA
cable and likewise you might per chance presumably be pleased the vitality,
nonetheless it be a proprietary pent
out which formulation that now no longer absolute best
are you able to now no longer exercise one other One
S cable, you might per chance in actuality
must build your have.
Now the system, nothing
appears to be like to be all that heaps of
however I am irregular, can I surely
install the blue-ray participant?
Oh I will surely enact it.
It says its qued up.
What happens if we initiate
up the blue-ray participant?
Okay, alright.
Effectively , its price the shot factual?
Treasure I said sooner than, you might per chance furthermore silent
quiz the explicit same stage
of performance from the One S
as you receive on the all digital
That formulation that nearly all games are
going working between 720 and
Its now no longer going to scrutinize as tremendous
as the One S however you enact receive
the the same advantages of being
in a neighborhood to play like 4k netflix
and what now no longer.
Or and likewise you furthermore can die in
Compet, that is silent seemingly.
The Xbox One as all digital
model is an intriguing
There’s a mountainous share of me that
needs that this became a least
a exiguous bit little bit of a certain
kind divulge that they took
income of the shortcoming of disc
space to roughly shrink it.
But I understand what they
had been going for in right here.
This is now no longer a slim model
of the console, that is now no longer a
change for the One S.
This is awfully merely a more cost effective
model of the Xbox One
that already be pleased.
If that is the the same roughly
designate that the xbox one has
and it finally ends up being 200
bucks or less, I mediate its a
in level of truth compelling deal.
Nevertheless if its 250 bucks
and the One S is more cost effective than
that, yeah good perfect fortune with that.

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