DayZ | Xbox/PS4 | The Secret Island! + A Arrangement back to ALL Console Players

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Outdated video on making bridges to Reformatory Island:

Regarded as by many to be “one amongst the toughest PvE challenges a participant can own”, the poke (swim) to Debug Island or Schadenfreude Island is no longer easy and you wants to be neatly ready.
The island existed on PC for decades and aloof does. It’s miles now moreover on console (XBOX/PS4).

Some could simply no longer know of the islands existence, especially these avid gamers who are deciding on DayZ up for the first time on console.

I even have created a challenge that will take a look at the most straight forward avid gamers. The aim is straightforward. Who would be first to hold it to Debug Island on my fresh match server. One server on PS4, One on Xbox.

The servers critical factors are:
Name: “DonSibleyGames – Secret Island Arrangement back”
Password: wotzindabox

EDIT: some of us are asking where the bridge is. The challenge is to swim to the island. The bridge used to be for demonstration functions.

Oh and to camouflage you’re in point of fact on my island and didn’t appropriate spawn in in your have deepest servers island, I even have positioned a seachest within the guts of the island. All you like to enact is bag to the island and repeat me what item is throughout the seachest. Influence that and you are the winner!

The prize for the first particular person to to this…neatly,…what enact you desire…you repeat me. Reward cards? desire me to fragment your video/s online? You engage, and you name the prize.

Oh, one last part. If you spawn in on the match servers….you spawn up within the end left corner of the design approach Tisy.


Thanks to DampPlatypus966 in my discord for reduction in researching if this is probably going.


Right here are the steps it be critical to engage to hold the bridge to Debug Island from Skalisty Island as talked about within the video. Factual apply the link beneath.

Right here are the mapgrouppos.xml entries to add to hold the bridge.

..aaannnd right here is the script I wrote to hold your have bridge. Unruffled work in progress, all it be critical to enact is paste in you delivery up XY and prevent XY values.

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[Music] so I was going via the feedback on my most modern video which used to be learn how to hold a bridge to Reformatory Island the approach that we dilapidated to enact so is to make spend of garden plots as loot to stroll over a force over and I figured out a comment by hab double-oh-seven GE and he says any thought learn how to form the customized Island with garden plots and to which I answered yep would be completed you’ve appropriate bought to bag the lawful coordinates so in most cases he’s asking we’ve created a bridge to Brisbane Island neatly enact we enact we form our have Island neatly yeah you can if you happen to had the lawful coordinates in you set the garden plots accurately it is probably going you’ll form your have Island to which he answered to my comment gotcha in its set I’m making an are attempting to link a bridge from skillitz the island to debug Island debug Island debug Island dayz gamepedia comm has this to express about debug Island debug island is a puny grassy island roughly 11 kilometres from the southern budge of capacity it’s the island positioned roughly eleven level eight kilometres out to sea from capacity it’s the island this set assuredly is critical as schadenfreude Island is one amongst the toughest PvE challenges a participant can own er dedication preparation and a little bit of of lawful supreme fortune are all that I critical in account for to successfully reach the island if you happen to could simply had been there in dayz standalone in consequence so this is an island that is no longer even you can’t even look it if you happen to spend I survived however it undoubtedly’s there now days want up gamepedia goes on to express learn how to effect the island what the coordinates are it form of revolves around it being on the PC however what about console what about ps4 and Xbox enact we bag to debug Island or schadenfreude er Island now going abet to hab ss7 GES feedback let’s look if we can fabricate a bridge made of garden plots the total type from skillets the island after Chardon Freud Island or debug Island so the spend of the ways in my last video for constructing a bridge from the mainland to Reformatory Island now we would like to bag our delivery up X and z coordinates they assuredly’re discontinue x and z coordinates so educated sea island getting the beginning up coordinates is straightforward you appropriate lunge to eyes stay on and you know fly around that getting the coordinates for a debug island sport PDS is there it’s 24,000 by 0.455 486 so I’ve punched these numbers in and I’ve linked within the description of the traces of code that it be critical to make spend of to fabricate this I wouldn’t counsel doing it however I’ve completed it on a take a look at server very puny take a look at server so I’ve inaccurate myself in on college it’s the island and I’ve bought my coordinate in it uses around in accordance to the line of code around over 3000 garden plots to hold the speech so I’m coming near near where I’ve created the beginning up set and right here is the bridge now going off gamepedia it says that debug island or schadenfreude and island is quite 12 kilometers off the mainland so this bridge will lunge the total type available I even have found if you hold longer bridges some sections of them are missing to this level so lawful however I’m no longer gonna sit around and flee for 11 kilometers straight on the ocean what I’m gonna enact is I could end the take a look at server that I’m doing this on I’m going to update the participant spawns dot XML to spawn on the island and log in as one other personality and you can look the diverse facet of this bridge so let me enact that now okay so I’ve restarted the server I’ve up to this level the spawn areas so there’s most efficient one spawn contrivance so whoever spawns in is going to spawn in at schadenfreude err or debug Island I’ve bought a brand fresh memoir so after I log in I ought to be on the diverse end of schadenfreude err island and we are so right here we are now ps4 Daisy has some form of scenario with water as you can repeat it appears a shrimp queer however this is that this is debug Island because it’s solution to be known or schadenfreude Island and right here is my garden station to bridge that comes up right here as you can look there are some factors missing so if you happen to are attempting to recreate it yourself you’re going to bag some missing section however it undoubtedly doesn’t genuinely end you from the spend of it so as that goes the total type around 11 kilometers to the diverse facet of educated sea island so Xbox avid gamers obtained’t look this if you happen to in deciding to enact this in your Detroit Oh deepest server you will appropriate seem like a ideally good Island however let’s have a peep there’s no longer noteworthy to thought at to be appropriate it’s a little bit of queer you can it appears as if i’m aloof running in water however there’s nothing right here it’s a it’s a lawful few hundred meters wide and it’s bought a peak up right here so this has been known for years and years and years on Daisy on the PC and it’s thought to be rather the challenge to genuinely bag to right here and if we thought on the diverse facet it’s rather the steep slope needless to express remembering that there’s some form of graphical processing error making an are attempting to render within the water there that’s why you can look via it however yeah this is debug island eleven or twelve kilometers off the major Shore of Chernarus so the island itself is bright pointless and doesn’t characteristic because the leisure most efficient functions as a challenge that brings me abet to what gamepedia needed to express regarding the island it talked about schadenfreude island is one amongst the toughest PvE challenges of participant can trip dedication preparation and a little bit of of lawful supreme fortune are all that are critical in account for to successfully reach the island so I’m inserting out the challenge to all Daisy console avid gamers ps4 and Xbox enact you have confidence you studied you’re the most straight forward Daisy participant there could be if you happen to suspect you’re jump into one amongst my newly created match servers they’re called Don Cebu games secret island challenge I even have one on xbox I even have one on the ps4 within the neighborhood server tab it’s password all you like to enact is hold your solution to the island on one amongst these servers and repeat me what’s in this sea chest I’ve spawned within the heli fracture to support look the island better with the smoke however in account for for you to engage the title because the winner of the secret island challenge appropriate repeat me what’s within the box servers are password password is what’s within the box I’ll set the password on the camouflage now hold your contrivance the island repeat me what’s within the box and you are the winner you repeat me what you desire the prize to be enact you desire a reproduction of Livonia enact you desire a ps4 or Xbox Store voucher enact you desire me to promote one amongst your movies on Twitter YouTube twitch the leisure of that nature you repeat me what you desire the notice to be the servers are on hand now lunge into the neighborhood tab for PS for an xbox hold the kind all how to this island repeat me what’s within the box and you are the winner take a look at the pinned comment to lunge looking if anyone’s taken the title but join my discord I’ve bought a decided chatroom for that so you can focus on what’s potentially within the box any pointers on survival oh and the server’s you spawning up at straightforward as neatly appropriate to hold it a shrimp bit extra tough so you’ll want to hold it the total type up from tizzy down to the budge over to us over to university at Sea Island and hold the 11 Columbus whim to debug island are you able to enact it is going to you total one daisies harvests challenges so there you lunge enact it is probably going you’ll simply have what it takes to turn into one amongst the few which have made it to this island jump into the Donne sibling games secret island challenge servers one on Xbox one and ps4 bag to this island repeat me what’s within the box what’s in this sea chests you repeat me and you engage take a look at the pin feedback first to lunge looking if anyone’s obtained there’s moreover one other shrimp island available someplace where it took 3,600 garden plots to effect this island to effect that Island it takes 15 thousand that’s a challenge for one other time however hold your solution to schadenfreude an island debug island regardless of you like to call it what’s within the box lawful supreme fortune [Music]

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